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СообщениеThe guy of the upmost level of Thurnau transmitter is divided by an insulator. However, there is still the possibility that the rest of the guy disturbs too much the radiation of the transmitter. In order to solve this problem, there are two ways:
1.) Dividing the guy by further insulators
2.) Grounding the guy with a coil with an inductivity chosen in a way that the disturbance by the guy is very small.

Way 1 has the disadvantage that especially at very tall masts at certain weather conditions high voltages at the guy sections may occur, requiring insulators designed for much higher voltages than that produced by the transmitter and voltage arresters bridging the insulators, which are expensive to maintain.

At Thurnau transmitter for the upmost guy level, way 2 was chosen. The coil for grounding the guy is situated close to the anchor basement.
Добавлен2014-07-23 02:22:48

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